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The Course material detailed below is on the pattern of previous Bank P.O. and Clerical examinations conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) and the State Bank Group. It is aimed at comprehensive training of our students, and this has been amply reflected in the extraordinary results secured by our students.


a) Text Book - 1 : Test of Reasoning - Made Simple (for BRPO & CRCC Courses), which includes Non Verbal and Verbal Reasoning containing 249 pages consisting of 11 Test Papers with detailed Keys, Verbal  Reasoning consisting  of - (1) Series  (2) Coding and Decoding  (3) Blood Relationships (4) Directions (5) Ranking/ Arrangement (6) Logical Venn diagrams (7) Letter-Word Problems (8) Verbal Classification (9) Series Completion (10) Cubes (11) Input-Based Questions (12) Equality-Inequality (13) Selection Criteria (14) Binary Numbers and Letter-Number Codes (15) Statement Sufficiency/Redundancy.

b) Text Book - 2 : Theory of Logical Reasoning (for BRPO Course), containing 99 pages consisting of contents of TLR - (1) Common Sense (2) Logical Reasoning (3) Some Basic Concepts(4) Propositions (5) Analysing Arguments (6) Logical Analysis (7) Syllogism In Every day Context (8) Syllogism - Euler Circle Method (9) Some Terms To Know.

c) Text Book - 3 : Logical Reasoning - Made Simple (for BRPO Course), containing 83 pages consisting of - (1) Syllogisms (2) Statement - Assumptions (3) Statement- Conclusions (4) Statement and Courses of Action (5) Strong and Weak Arguments (6) Degree of Truth/Falsity (7) Critical Reasoning.
d) Note on Analytical Reasoning (for BRPO Course) (67 pages) - To train your mind fully in situational thinking.
e)      Question Papers (for BRPO & CRCC Courses) on objective Test of Reasoning verisimilar Tests aimed at giving thorough and in-depth understanding of the exam.


a)  Text Book - 1 : Quantitative Aptitude - Made Simple Book No.1 (for BRPO & CRCC Courses) (169 pages) consisting of - (1) Bodmas (2) L.C.M./H.C.F. (3) Percent And Percentages (4) Ratio and Proportion (5) partnership (6) Average (7) Simple Interest (8) Compound Interest (9) Profit, Loss and Discount (10) Time and Work (11) Time, Distance and Speed - Train, Boat Etc. (12) ensuration (13) Alligation of Mixture (14) The Number System.

b) Text Book - 2 : Quantitative Aptitude - Made Simple Book No.2 (for BRPO Course) (278 pages) consisting of - (1) algebra (2) Indices & Surds (3) Permutations and combinations (4) Probability (5) Heights and distances (6) Logarithms (7) Clocks and  Calendar (8) Approximations (9) Sequences & Series (10) Number Series (11) Practice Papers 1 to 35.

c)      Text Book - 3 : Graphs and Charts - Made Simple (for BRPO Course) (149 pages).
d)      Note on Short-cuts in Numerical Ability (for BRPO & CRCC Courses) (46 pages).

e)  Note on Quantitative Aptitude (for CRCC Course) (102 pages).

f) Question Papers on objective Quantitative Aptitude/Numerical Ability (for BRPO & CRCC Courses) verisimilar Tests aimed at giving thorough and in-depth understanding of the Exam.


a)  Text Book - 1 : (English Language - Made Simple Book No.1) of 86 pages consisting of Grammar and 10 verisimilar and detailed papers and their model answers.

b)  Text Book - 2 : (English Language - Made Simple Book No.2) of 203 pages consisting of -

(I) English Vocabulary -

(1) Usage of Some Troublesome Words (2) Words Often Confused (3) Correct Spellings of Words Commonly Miss pelt (4) Words and their Synonyms (5) Words and their Antonyms (6) Word Curiosities (7) Hyphenated words and their meanings (8) One Word Substitution (9) Collective References (10) Foreign Expressions (11) Some Prefixes and Suffixes (12) Prepositions and Phrases (13) Figures of Speech (14) Idioms of Comparisons (15) Idioms, Phrases and Colloquialisms (16) Oft-used Proverbs.

(II)     English Descriptive -

(1) Arguments and Views (2) Essay, Precis, Letter-writing.

c)   Note of 60 pages containing comprehension of small passages in English.

d)  Question Papers on objective English verisimilar Tests aimed at giving thorough and in-depth understanding of the Exam.



a) Text Book - 1 : General Knowledge - Made Simple (102 pages) covering relevant topics.

b)  Text Book - 2 : Banking Basics (87 pages) covering topics on Banking.

c)   Note of 86 pages containing Banking & Finance in India covering general banking information.

In addition to the above books, the study material which is given can be viewed as follows -

a)   General Knowledge & Awareness Papers and Keys - Current Affairs of the previous six months are scanned critically from the examination point of view and question papers/with keys are prepared and supplied.

b) Detailed notes on important topics are included in keys to build up your intellectual base, understanding, analysing national, international, social, economic and political problems.

c)  Question Papers on objective General Awareness verisimilar tests aimed at giving thorough and in-depth understanding of the Exam.

d)      POINTS TO REMEMBER - Hundreds of Points to Remember (PTR).


a)  Note of 38 pages containing Marketing Basics (for BRPO & CRCC Courses) covering relevant topics.

b)  Question Papers on objective Marketing Aptitude (for BRPO Course).




Text Book - Computer Basics (125 pages) covering topics on Computers.





Detailed guidelines on “Interview Techniques” (for Correspondence Course students) - when they qualify in the online test. For students of Regular In-class Course, personal “Interview workshops” are conducted which include mock interviews, group discussions etc.


For all subjects, probable questions and answers are integrated into the Course books,  question papers and keys. Probabilities are worked out on the basis of a question-bank of past examinations maintained at our Research Department.

IX. Original recreated papers from past P.O. and Clerical examinations conducted by IBPS/SBI Group are incorporated in the study materials.

No other Institute in the country can supply you these re-constructed original examination papers, except NSB. With these past papers, you will have the fullest idea of the examination you are going to appear for.

In so far as these questions are concerned, you will have to send a signed undertaking in a form which will be sent by us, that you will not part with these questions, which will be integrated into the Course books and question papers.

The following Books and Notes are supplied FREE in the Courses, depending on the Course opted for -

1) Test of Reasoning - Made Simple.

2)     Theory of Logical Reasoning.

3)     Logical Reasoning - Made Simple.

4)     Quantitative Aptitude - Made Simple. (Book No.1)

5)     Quantitative Aptitude - Made Simple. (Book No.2)

6)     Graphs and Charts.

7)     English Language - Made Simple. (Book No.1)

8)     English Language - Made Simple. (Book No.2)

9)     General Knowledge - Made Simple.

10)     Banking Basics.

11)     Computer Basics.

12)     Note on Analytical Reasoning.

13)     Note on Short-cuts in Numerical Ability.

14)     Note on Quantitative Aptitude.

15)     Comprehension of small passages in English.

16)     Note on Banking & Finance in India.

17)     Note on Marketing Basics.

The total BRPO & CRCC Course material runs into thousands of pages. Separate answer sheets are also be provided. We also supply you free General Awareness updates for all future P.O. exams, upto one year from the date of admission provided you write to us twenty days before any P.O. exam that you intend to appear for. Notes on Interview Techniques are supplied FREE to candidates emerging successful in the written test.

Note : Suitable changes are made in the above material as and when required.